My story started when I graduated from High school. Actually, I did not know what to do next or where I should go. I saw most of my friends applying for Universities, so I decided to join the university. However, the most difficult question was what major I should choose. Because depending on my major, I will study many years on it and my career will depend on it too. After many weeks of searching and taking advice from expert people, I decided to enter Laboratory Medicine. After five years of studying so hard,
finally I graduated from university and I was so happy, but the thing that I did not realize that my journey into the real world had just started. What should I do now? Applying for a routine boring job with a normal salary and stuck on it for the whole life. That was not my plan. After 2 months of sitting at home and searching on the internet for an alternative plan that was just not working, I found another way, yes I found it. A Scholarship.That looked more interesting. I applied for it and after one month, I got accepted. 4 months later, I came here to the United States to study my Master’s degree, but before that, I needed to study the English language which is necessary for applying to universities here in the United States. I was looking for the best language institutes in the United States, and I found the Georgia Tech Language Institute which is considered one of the superior Institutes in the United States and especially in the state of Georgia.the-healthy-life-is-a-journey