Every day in your life is a new story. Some days are beautiful but others are not. Some days are full of action and life but others are boring and empty. Whatever was your day’s situation, you will learn new things and get more experience. Being a social and spontaneous person adds to your life more action and more experience. The first day I arrived at the United States was a unique and funny day. The idea that I had about the United States was different from what I saw when I arrived. The first day I arrived here in Atlanta, in Georgia, I booked a hotel in downtown Atlanta, which is considered a dangerous place. I was shocked when I saw many homeless people in the street in a pathetic situation. Some of them asked me for money. One of them was urinating in the street, Others were drunk. It was a shocking situation for me because I did not know that this great country has a dark side too. Yes, it does!Skyline of Downtown Atlanta, Georgia