#12 Final Post

Stories About Life is my theme. I choose it because it is so simple and clear. Stories About Life site is a site where I can show my readers my adventures in this life. I really like my blogs because I can show my emotions and feelings on it. Especially my post about my story, it was the first post in my blog. I choose this post as a favorite post because I could describe all the difficulties I had since I came to the US which make me less depressed.

One of the many things that make me excited about my blog and encourage me to write more on is that many of my friends read my blogs without my knowledge. The special thing about blogging that you can connect it other social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. Most people who read my blogs, they knew it from the other social media. I want to improve the design of my blog and add more blog pages to make it hookier for the readers. Moreover; share my blog with other websites to increase the number of the readers.

Blogging teaches me a lot of things like develop my idea, and how to express these ideas in a readable way for others. When I start reading other people blogs, it enhances many creative ideas about my blog.


#11 News Post

The Event : Health and wearable Technology Panel.

The Date : July 28, 2016.

In this event, many Doctors, Physicians and Health Professors host this event talking and presenting about the future wearable technology tools and how it will change  the future of our health.  Wearing the Future will be a series of five panel discussions by thought leaders, exploring the impact of wearable technology across various domains. The exhibit talks about how much the society will adapt with this new wearable technology and discuss if these technology has any disadvantages. It was really amazing exhibit with incredible ideas. The exhibit has many sections to talk about. In this exhibit you can see many expert form different field looking around to see the newest medical technology.

#10 University Cartoon

I had an American roommate who finished his University 6 years ago, but until this moment he is still paying his university loan which is 30,000 $. I found it so sad because most United State students have the same issue which is the university loan. In the other hand, in the university, your life is all about studying which is so challenging for the student to keep up with all the assignments that he is taking.

Most students think that when they finish the university, their life will be better, and they can relax. Actually, the real nightmare is just started which is looking for a job with a fair salary. This step is one of the most important and critical steps in human life after choosing your major.

#9 Life Has Some Happiness

There are many things in life make you happy, and for sure some other things make you feel bad.

Here I will talk about things that make me happy and want to see them again and agaiIMG_6864n.

First thing is Family, and who don’t like to see his family. Actually, I didn’t see my family a long time ago because I am studying here in the US. The most beautiful moment is when all my siblings with their children come together in my father house. You can see those children playing together while you can talk to your brothers and sisters. It is really beautiful moments.





Another thing that makes me happy is my Traditional Food. Kabsa.jpgI really miss my traditional food because most food that you can find here is the junk food which is pizza or Burger. While the traditional food which called Kabsa or Mandi is really delicious food.





One of the things that make me happy is Travelling. Traveling to another city or Me Atlanta.JPGdifferent country is one of the things that I really enjoy because it teaches you a lot of things in life

that you will never learn if you stay in your city or country.

#8 My Favourite Blog


The Emotion Machine

Psychology + Self Improvement in the 21st Century

While I was looking for some blogs in different website, I found this blog which it attracts me in an amazing way. It attracts me because it was talking about some problems I had and trying to fix it. The writer Steven Handel talks about self-improvement in his blog. He discusses many problems that could face any individual in this life and discuss theses problems and look at it from different views trying to solute it. He shares practical tools and advice that anyone can apply to their everyday lives.

I give him 4 stars out of 5 because he needs to work more in his blog design, but in total, the content of his blog is really valuable and interesting.

#7 Music Review

This song is a romantic Arabic song, and it has English subtitle. It talks about a guy who loved his girlfriend, about a guy who falls in love with this girl. He gets jealous of anyone gets near from her, gets jealous of the clothes that she wears because it is touching her soft body, from the cup that she drinks from because this cup is touching her lips, from her parents when they talk to her because they get so close from her.

#6 I Believe

Every day passing in this life, you learn new things. However, some days you do mistakes and learn from it. For me, one of the biggest mistakes that I have done was choosing my major after high school. I was a young man who does not know a lot about life. What should I choose to study? This decision was over my knowledge to choose which major I have to take because depending on that decision, my life will take a new way. After that. I just choose random major that I did not read or ask about or even have an idea about it. I did not think or take advice for what to choose, and that was a big mistake that I have done. Not just me who fell in this mistake. I found many other students fell in the same mistake which was very sad for me. I believe that taking advice from expert people is important in every step you take in your life. Another mistake that I did is when I was following the other like a blind person who is not able to walk by his own abilities. For example, in college, I was following my collages in every decision like choosing the activities or when the perfect time to study which was sometimes put me in their plans, not my own plan. I believe that following people advice in every step you take is another mistake you may take. To summarize, taking advice from people is important but applying them all the time in your life is a mistake that you could choose.  

#4 Future Spouse

Talking about future. I believe that any person looking for stable and comfortable future, they should find and have the right husband/wife. Finding the right spouse is really important step in human life because it whether gives him/her beautiful and bright life or give him/her depressed and bad life. You should find the spouse who complete you, who fill the empty space inside you, who fix your mistake, who change your disadvantages to advantages, who stand with you in the hard times, who get sad for your sadness and get happy for your happiness. No one is perfect, neither me, neither you, neither anyone of us is perfect, so do not look for the perfect spouse, look for someone who can give you love, attention and respect you. You should find someone who forgives your mistakes and advise you to fix those mistakes. However, to have such a spouse who can give you this beautiful life, you have to give the  same life for your future spouse and treat him/her in the same way that you expected to be treated. 

Funny Story

Every day in your life is a new story. Some days are beautiful but others are not. Some days are full of action and life but others are boring and empty. Whatever was your day’s situation, you will learn new things and get more experience. Being a social and spontaneous person adds to your life more action and more experience. The first day I arrived at the United States was a unique and funny day. The idea that I had about the United States was different from what I saw when I arrived. The first day I arrived here in Atlanta, in Georgia, I booked a hotel in downtown Atlanta, which is considered a dangerous place. I was shocked when I saw many homeless people in the street in a pathetic situation. Some of them asked me for money. One of them was urinating in the street, Others were drunk. It was a shocking situation for me because I did not know that this great country has a dark side too. Yes, it does!