#12 Final Post

Stories About Life is my theme. I choose it because it is so simple and clear. Stories About Life site is a site where I can show my readers my adventures in this life. I really like my blogs because I can show my emotions and feelings on it. Especially my post about my story, it was the first post in my blog. I choose this post as a favorite post because I could describe all the difficulties I had since I came to the US which make me less depressed.

One of the many things that make me excited about my blog and encourage me to write more on is that many of my friends read my blogs without my knowledge. The special thing about blogging that you can connect it other social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. Most people who read my blogs, they knew it from the other social media. I want to improve the design of my blog and add more blog pages to make it hookier for the readers. Moreover; share my blog with other websites to increase the number of the readers.

Blogging teaches me a lot of things like develop my idea, and how to express these ideas in a readable way for others. When I start reading other people blogs, it enhances many creative ideas about my blog.


One thought on “#12 Final Post

  1. This is one of my favorite posts on your blog! It’s great to hear that you love writing in English!! Music to my ears. 🙂
    I hope you continue writing great posts and sharing your ideas with us through this wonderful little blog of yours.


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