#9 Life Has Some Happiness

There are many things in life make you happy, and for sure some other things make you feel bad.

Here I will talk about things that make me happy and want to see them again and agaiIMG_6864n.

First thing is Family, and who don’t like to see his family. Actually, I didn’t see my family a long time ago because I am studying here in the US. The most beautiful moment is when all my siblings with their children come together in my father house. You can see those children playing together while you can talk to your brothers and sisters. It is really beautiful moments.





Another thing that makes me happy is my Traditional Food. Kabsa.jpgI really miss my traditional food because most food that you can find here is the junk food which is pizza or Burger. While the traditional food which called Kabsa or Mandi is really delicious food.





One of the things that make me happy is Travelling. Traveling to another city or Me Atlanta.JPGdifferent country is one of the things that I really enjoy because it teaches you a lot of things in life

that you will never learn if you stay in your city or country.


One thought on “#9 Life Has Some Happiness

  1. Hahaha. I like your happiness. I love my family, and I have sister’s family in the U.S. I am super lucky girl. I always play with my nieces. And eating food is a big fun in my life. I uploaded Instagram about food and traveling. It is my big happiness! I like that.


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