#6 I Believe

Every day passing in this life, you learn new things. However, some days you do mistakes and learn from it. For me, one of the biggest mistakes that I have done was choosing my major after high school. I was a young man who does not know a lot about life. What should I choose to study? This decision was over my knowledge to choose which major I have to take because depending on that decision, my life will take a new way. After that. I just choose random major that I did not read or ask about or even have an idea about it. I did not think or take advice for what to choose, and that was a big mistake that I have done. Not just me who fell in this mistake. I found many other students fell in the same mistake which was very sad for me. I believe that taking advice from expert people is important in every step you take in your life. Another mistake that I did is when I was following the other like a blind person who is not able to walk by his own abilities. For example, in college, I was following my collages in every decision like choosing the activities or when the perfect time to study which was sometimes put me in their plans, not my own plan. I believe that following people advice in every step you take is another mistake you may take. To summarize, taking advice from people is important but applying them all the time in your life is a mistake that you could choose.  


5 thoughts on “#6 I Believe

  1. Ibrahim, I agree with you. We should take advices from expert people and think very well in every step we take in our life. Each decision that we are going to choose can change our life. If we do mistakes, we have to know that we can learn from them.
    Thank You Friend!

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  2. I hope you are doing well with your carrier after that major, and what you have said is absolutely right. We need to take others’ advice and experiences and decide which one best for us.


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