#4 Future Spouse

Talking about future. I believe that any person looking for stable and comfortable future, they should find and have the right husband/wife. Finding the right spouse is really important step in human life because it whether gives him/her beautiful and bright life or give him/her depressed and bad life. You should find the spouse who complete you, who fill the empty space inside you, who fix your mistake, who change your disadvantages to advantages, who stand with you in the hard times, who get sad for your sadness and get happy for your happiness. No one is perfect, neither me, neither you, neither anyone of us is perfect, so do not look for the perfect spouse, look for someone who can give you love, attention and respect you. You should find someone who forgives your mistakes and advise you to fix those mistakes. However, to have such a spouse who can give you this beautiful life, you have to give the  same life for your future spouse and treat him/her in the same way that you expected to be treated. 


One thought on “#4 Future Spouse

  1. Wow. Interesting! I agree with you. I think people who want to get married with someone have to think about marriage life like this. A couple had better support each other. When they get bad situation, they can overcome together. It is very important to be married.


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